The Level website is here!

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The Level website is here!

After many years missing the Level Communities Forum has commissioned a shiny website to shout about all the great things the Level is. We’re proud of our City centre Park, (otherwise known as Brighton’s Central Park) so we understandably want to promote it for all to enjoy.

The Level website will provide you with all the information you’ll ever need to know, including all the awesome things to do and see. With regularly published news and new events updates, you’ll always be in the know!  Just like the Level itself, the Level website is a hub for all the community, so please do send us your thoughts. We welcome all feedback and if it’s a great idea we’ll make the update!

level website1024We’re sure you’ll agree the artwork is amazing and shouting who did that?! Well, she’s a local artist Lisa Savory who kindly donated her time to help us make the Level site look fantastic! Check out her other work, her house portraits are simply brilliant. Thanks Lisa;)

We’re looking for volunteers! If you would like to get involved and offer your help in anyway, please do let us know and get in touch with the Level Communities Forum. Thanks!