The Level Communities Forum

The Level Communities Forum (LCF) is an independent, volunteer run, open community group. We aim to create and support a positive and enriching environment on the Level Brighton. Bringing together park users, local residents, and community groups to engage, discuss and celebrate all matters involving the Level. Helping to build stronger communities with a vibrant and diverse program of activities and events on the Level.

What are the aims and objectives
  • To promote and protect the Level as a valued space; preserving the environmental, historical and cultural heritage of the Level for current and future generations
  • To liaise and engage with local residents, local traders, the city council, other statutory authorities, voluntary organisations, community groups and other stakeholders, on issues affecting the use and reputation of The Level
  • Promote the Level as a ‘destination park’; supporting spaces, facilities and activities that attract people from diverse communities across the Brighton.
How does it work?

Members contribute their time, skills and enthusiasm as individuals or as representatives of local community groups or businesses (or both) to help the group move forward with plans for an ongoing community events and activities programme. The Forum meets about once a month, on the Level and our meetings are friendly, informal covering a wide range of topics concerned with this lovely central park.

How can I join?

The Forum is keen to attract and involve new members who can help in a variety of ways to ensure a wide variety of community interests are represented.

So whatever your skill, experience or background we could use your help! If you would like to get involved then just complete the form telling us a little about you. We'll be back in touch about our next meeting as soon as possible.