Loving Hut was created with a vision that all beings, human and animal alike, can coexist in peace, love and harmony with each other and the planet, offering an accessible starting point for all, no matter at what stage each may be on the noble transition to a plant-based diet.

Inspired by Supreme Master Ching Hai, Loving Hut is currently the fastest growing international vegan fast food chain in the world, with branches already established in Europe including France, Germany, Spain, the UK, and Austria complementing those across the globe in a growing network of locations such as USA, Formosa (Taiwan), Au Lac (Vietnam), Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, and Hong Kong.

With new restaurants continually opening internationally, and as more and more people adopt a plant-based diet, Loving Hut is, for many, a beacon of light for a healthier, compassionate, peaceful way of living; and as explained in here, with mounting scientific evidence of the meat industry’s sizeable connection to global warming, its the only way to a sustainable planet.

Our vegan restaurant is located on the Level, Brighton, a vibrant and historic City on the southern coast. Home to a large population of vegetarians and vegans who proudly support animal rights and a healthy lifestyle.

Our staff are always ready to greet you with a friendly smile, and serve your selection of lovingly prepared plant-based dishes in the beautiful setting of the Level.

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...on the Level, 5 St Peter's Place, Brighton BN1 4SA | 01273 689817
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