The Level Communities Forum Pavilions Use Questionnaire

The Level Communities Forum Pavilions Use Questionnaire

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The Level Communities Forum is carrying out some research into the use of the Pavilions on the Level and we need your help! Not many people know that the Pavilions are in fact for hire and therefore we feel are an underused resource for the local community.

These beautifully restored buildings were designed by Captain Bertie Hubbard MacLaren (the Superintendent of Parks at the time) and built in the 1920s. Originally used as shelters, the Pavilions have seen many uses over the years and now are for all the community to use.

We would like to gather your thoughts as to what you feel the Pavilions could be used for, so we can better promote them to the local community and a wider audience. All we require is just two minutes of your time. Just click the button below to fill in the Level Communities Forum Pavilion Use Questionnaire form

Please share and thank you so much, we really appreciate it.

Click here to to fill our short questionnaire

Meanwhile if you would like to to hire the MacLaren Pavilion (on the cafe side of The Level) or the smaller Elm room opposite, please contact or call 01273 292704.