Level Communities Forum Meeting Minutes 23 January 2017

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Level Communities Forum

Date: 23rd January 2017

Att: Maureen Winder, Roz Reyburn, Jo Palmer, Mat Cook, Kurt Birkenbeil, Lisa Holdcroft, Nick Wilson, Richard Howard, Roger Amerena, Debbie Garrett – representing Council Youth Services

  • Update re: Council Youth Services Cuts from Debbie Garrett

Youth Services have faced 25% cuts to funding already and are now facing even greater cuts – possibly upto 80% of their budget. The cuts are already being felt across the City where young people no longer have as much access to the Youth Service as resources are being stretched more and more thinly. This could have huge repercussions for the future – a lack of engagement with young people leading to increasing anti-social behaviour and crime, something that’s already being seen at the Level. There is a need to look to the future and see if there are ways we can ‘plug the gap’ that these cuts are going to create – could we run more events aimed at older youths rather than younger children?

More sports-based events? Audio Active Sessions? Skate Event? Encourage other local Youth projects to become more active at the Level? Could we have a local ‘Youth Representative’ on the Forum to tell us about their current needs and/or issues?

This is an area which will no doubt need to be explored further as the budget cuts take hold.

  • Communication with the Council re: running of Level Pavilions

No information has yet been received from the Council regarding the ‘Uses of’ and ‘Revenue received from’ the two Pavilions at the Level. This information is crucial to any future decision regarding whether the LCF puts forward a bid to run them both in the future. Information to be chased up as a priority.

  • Progress update re: creation of CIO/CIC

It has been decided that the creation of an Association CIO (Charitable Incorporated Organisation) has definite advantages over a CIC (Community Interest Company). Notably a CIO can operate as both a business and a charity meaning it can have revenue streams as well as accept grants, gift aid etc.

The structure of the Association CIO would be:

Trustees: relatively small number, Trustees have ‘limited liability’ (claims are made against CIO, not Trustees), are not paid but can claim expenses, deal with overall running of CIO, do not have a vote but can also be a ‘Member’ of the CIO

Members: larger number of Members than Trustees, each group that joins the CIO will have a nominated ‘Member’ to represent that group (eg: LCF, Hanover, Coombe Road etc will have one Member each voted for by that particular group), pay small annual subscription for their membership, are entitled to a vote, can be employed by the CIO

Friends: pay a small annual subscription for their ‘Friends’ membership, do not have a vote but are able to join discussions relating to any future decisions

Trading Arm: Generates revenue for the CIO

Discussion is to continue regarding which local community groups to invite so that interest levels can be gauged and the likely size and shape of the CIO can start to be fully assessed.

More information regarding what an Association CIO is and how it runs is available in the attachment: “CIO – further details”

There is also an opportunity to promote the CIO at the Brunswick Festival in August (26th/27th) as part of the Heritage Commission’s stand. Publicising the work that is     going to into this Community Organisation is going to be especially helpful when we’re    looking to raise the profile of the CIO within the City.


  • Future events:

2nd April: Level Spring Market

A pilot event for a new monthly market at the Level showcasing local makers, arts and crafts and local produce. To be held on the East Cycle Path.

8th July: Level Best Festival

Follow up to last year’s successful children’s and family festival. Community focus with music, dance and other entertainment for children and families.

Next Meeting: 6th February – MacLaren Room 6pm