Play Area

The Play Area on the Level Brighton is situated at the south end of park and is for kids of all ages and abilities, including those in wheelchairs. The whole area is fenced and includes an awesome water fountain, bins and seating, including picnic benches.

Included within the Play Area, there’s hard-wearing planting with grassy mounds and trees to provide shade. A ‘boardwalk’ runs through the sand play area, while resin-bound gravel paths wind their way through the grassy areas.

There’s a range of exciting equipment in the play area as well as musical equipment and landscape features, such as a willow tunnel, a flock of seven wandering sheep and a snappy shark swimming around in the sand play area. These pieces are sculpted out of wood by Woodland Products, and are being designed just for the Level.

Tomato café and public toilets provide all the facilities needed for a family play day out in the Level Play Area